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Nissan showed the integrated multi-purpose camera with a 360º overview

Nissan has unveiled an innovative camera – JukeCam.

The camera is fixed on the dashboard of the car, but in a matter of seconds turns into an action camera on the helmet of the athlete-extremal.
Nissan JukeCam – conceptual development, created in collaboration with the company 360fly, a manufacturer of cameras with 360º review.
Dual purpose purpose JukeCam reflects promotional video, filmed in 4K resolution. Starring – Xpogo team fans of extreme jumping on a pogo stick.
During the filming of the stunts by Dalton Smith jumped through three challenges in a number of Nissan Juke, only once landed between them. Thus, set a new world Guinness record in the category of “bounce on the pogo stick through the maximum number of challenges in a number of cars.” The record was filmed on a Nissan JukeCam to provide viewers unique shots taken from the first person.
Fully integrated camera JukeCam as the DVR is able to conduct continuous shooting of up to three hours. In the mode of the action Cam outside the car dashboard, battery JukeCam will last for two hours.
Helen Perry, chief marketing Manager for the Juke from Nissan’s European division, commented: “Nissan is always striving to innovate and create new devices for their customers. Camera JukeCam was born out of the desire to create a device corresponding to the active lifestyle of our clients. It is perfect for on-road use as a DVR. At the same time, it is quite versatile: it is easy to remove and to shoot from the first person”.

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