Not a single design: Pininfarina swung at hypercar

Prich here Mahindra? Then recall that in late 2015 the Indians Atelier acquired Italian Atelier Pinifarina S. p.A. As for the new company, its main focus will be the production of electric vehicles – the first is scheduled for 2020.

And it will be a hypercar! According to the head of Automobili Pininfarina Michael Pershke, with experience in Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Audi, some of the technology will be borrowed from the car racing Formula-E team Mahindra factory. Electric hypercar will be able to shoot to the first “hundred” in less than two seconds with a top speed over 400 kilometers per hour. Supply of Autonomous run on a single battery charge is approximately 500 kilometers. It is planned to release a hundred hypercars at an estimated price of 2 million euros.

Hydrogen supercar Pininfarina H2 Speed

Experience in building monstrous machines the Italians have. Their last job — H2 hydrogen supercar Speed. Carbon 653-strong coupe with a mass of 1420 kg “shoots” up to a hundred in 3.4 seconds. there will be collected twelve copies.

Teaser electric crossover K350
Conceptual electric sedan H500

Well, in the meantime, Pinifarina train in the more massive models on the podium of the Beijing motor show, the Italians will roll out in late April, a couple of “green” concepts, including electric crossover, which will cost 150 thousand euros and will compete with the top version of the SUV Bentley Bentayga and the Range Rover.

Hypercar Rimac appeared nimble Tesla Roadster

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