Not cleared auto – pay half of the fine

Aboutthis reports the site of the DFS in Sumy region. According to the materials of the case, the citizen into the territory of Ukraine in customs regime of “transit” vehicle “Volkswagen Passat”. The car had to be taken out of the country for ten days.

However, in violation of the conditions of the regime “transit”, the car was sold to another person. In addition, the driver of this car got in an accident during which a man died.

As a result of a violation of article 485 of the Customs code of Ukraine the citizen was brought to administrative responsibility in accordance with article 485 of the Customs code of Ukraine “Actions aimed at illegal exemption from customs payments or decrease of their size, as well as other illegal actions aimed at the evasion of customs payments”. And now must pay a fine in the amount of 544 thousand UAH.

The simplest solution to the problem “EuroBLECH”

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