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Noted women’s day: drunk man smashed the car of the wife

It happened exactly on March 8: a resident of Chelyabinsk region rammed and smashed an expensive foreign car.

All this shocked the residents of the house is captured on video. The man in the Toyota Land Cruiser first several times hurt in the Parking lot SUV Toyota, then unsteadily got out of the car and started beating on the car, having pulled out from the root of the rear view mirror. After that, the assailant returned to his car and continued to RAM the SUV RAV4. The courtyard began to leave car owners whose cars were parked nearby. Buyan almost hit a man who threw herself in his way, but even this was not pacified.

Local media reports that the incident occurred in Katav-Ivanovsk in the yards along the street Stepan Razin. In a social group “accident Chelyabinsk” (Vkontakte) wrote that the man rammed the car of his wife after a family quarrel that occurred on March 8. Police are investigating the incident.

  • On the eve of March 8 the traffic police has published the average portrait of a modern woman behind the wheel, which could surprise some men.
  • There are women who thrive in male-dominated jobs, for example taxi drivers. The name of these wonderful drivers?

Photo: YouTube

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