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Now Lafanmi can be controlled remotely

Lifan began to set their cars for the Russian market system Lifan Connect allows you to remotely control certain features and monitor.

A similar system, and from the same developer — the company “Laboratory of smart driving”, you must obtain and Patriotic Way. However, while the plant does not call the exact timing of the appearance models with it, although the app can be downloaded in Google Play.

On the Lifan the system includes a device for collecting data on the status and use of the car, and the app can be downloaded for free, it is available for operating systems iOS and Android.

With your smartphone you can see where is the car and also remotely control a number of functions: open/close doors and trunk, activate the AutoPlay, turn on lights and monitor the technical condition of the car. The program keeps a history of all trips, showing the time and date, including full statistics on the number of wasted fuel cost, travel time and other data.

System Lifan Connect installs with the included free maintenance for one year for one year. Thanks to its modular architecture it can be upgraded to full anti-theft alarm system. At the same time, say in China, their offspring — the only one on the market that combines telematics, some of the functions of the anti theft protection and connected car technology, that is, one device replaces several.

For those who already is the owner of Murman Lifan or other models of the Chinese company, Lifan device Connect can be purchased as original equipment.

  • According to unofficial information, the first model of Lada, which will have a similar system will be Granta.
  • But the company Yandex has developed a global platform for regular head units car. Remote communication there is of course no, but there are all services of the company.

Photo:, Lifan

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