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Off-road GAZ Sadko Next on sale

The car, which was replaced in the model range of GAZ-66, was presented this week at the exhibition “Komtrans”.Alexander Khlynov


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Shown recently at the exhibition “commercial vehicles” off-road truck GAZ Sadko Next has already gone on sale. While buyers are offered a version with a single cabin and with a wheelbase of mm. 3770 next year should be another version of the car with wheelbase, component 4515 mm, and a version with double cab, designed for seven passengers including the driver.

Single-row cabin Sadko Next designed for three people and is equipped with a driver’s seat with springs, anatomical support and adjustable weight. The truck is capable of carrying up to three tons and to overcome the deep fords of up to 1.2 meters. In addition, the Sadko Next off-road can tow 2,56-ton trailer. The length of the car reaches 6270 mm width 2345 mm height over cab — 2655 mm. the Wheelbase of the truck is 3770 mm and ground clearance is 315 mm.

New off-road truck is equipped with a 149-horsepower diesel engine JAMZ-534, torque which reaches 490 Nm, and transfer case part-time with electro-pneumatic drive. One of the interesting engineering solutions, mention should be made of integrated steering and few-leaf front suspension, thanks to which the car behaves well on the track. Pneumatic brake system of a vehicle, which can operate even at low depressurization, made the brake pedal more informative and created the system pressure is also used for tire inflation.

The cost of a new off-road truck GAZ Sadko Next is from 2 195 000.

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