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On the highway M-10 has faced five cars and a minibus

In a collision five cars and one minibus taxi were injured 7 people.Khlynov Alexander

The accident had blocked two lanes of chetyreh the accident was blocked two lanes of the four

A major accident occurred on the stretch of highway M-10, passing through the territory of Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow region, on 65-m kilometre of the Leningrad highway.

In the accident injured 7 people, reported the press service of the Ministry of health of the region.

“As a result of an accident involving a minibus taxi in Solnechnogorsk injured seven people. They were all taken in Solnechnogorskiy CRB for medical examination. One victim admitted to the hospital in a state of moderate severity, the rest of the hospitalization was not required. There were two ambulance crews,” — said the head of the Moscow Ministry of health Dmitry Matveev.

As reported in the Main Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow region, the accident on the highway M-10 happened last night. Then it was reported only about two victims and that among the participants of the accident had no children.

Today, information was clarified by the Ministry of health suburban. Dmitry Matveev also said that only one of the participants of the accident was in a state of moderate severity and were hospitalized. In addition to his hospitalization nobody needed.

Law enforcement agencies upon accident the investigation is carried.

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