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Once the channel has opened a bottomless hole

In 1990, it completed the construction of the tunnel between Britain and France.



Case — trumpet

During three Musketeers and the Queen diamond pendants on such a tunnel could only dream of. Curiously, an ambitious project scusami then 16 billion euros, and today is unprofitable. Maintenance of complex engineering structures requires more money than met its creators. However, the price of transportation to raise in a hurry: in this case, people wishing to cross from France to England at 45 meters below sea level, can just stay…

Travel under the sea is the most expensive way to travel between Britain and the continent, the minimum ticket price for train from London to Paris (or Brussels) is about 140 euros one way. If you go to your car — 60-70 euros one-way in it for loading car on a train crossing the English channel. On the ferry the transportation of the car will cost 25-35 euros.

  • How to behave behind the wheel in the tunnel? Basic rules designed to protect travel under water and under the earth, you will find in our publications (link).

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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