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One, but the main problem of car — sharing two-legged

Car — sharing is evil, I was sure. And tried to find in it a modicum of good.Maxim Kadako “Behind the wheel”

At the end of September, during the Russian Grand Prix Formula 1 in Sochi is a significant event for me: the first time I drove on carsharing car. This is not a professional miss (many have already traveled, and I’m not) and not a denial of new technologies as a result of some internal settings, the belief that an automotive journalist should not ride on the bike, not on the tram and not by taxi or car-sharing and car — only in this case he instinctively feels all the problems motorists from rising petrol prices to the difficulty with Parking. Although car-sharing as a means of transport, on the pages of our magazine, we pay enough attention.

In Sochi has several karteninhaber of companies with different levels of service: there are cars more expensive and cheaper, some offer a fixed hourly rate, someone more fleet and so on. I used the service BelkaCar — only because I installed it on a smartphone a few car-sharing applications, including Protein.

The route is quite long: about 48 km away at the “Rosa Khutor” airport (I had to drive a colleague), and then 10 km from the airport to the Olympic Park, where the F1 track is situated. Another ten minutes I was circling the block in search of Parking spaces. Not drove, drove all the rules and for the entire route gave 635 roubles, while Yandex.Taxi only at the airport asked for 1300 rubles. Savings — more than doubled.

In my opinion, car sharing — a great substitute for the former rent cars when you find yourself in a strange city without “wheels”. Trip to hometown is another story. In Moscow, about 22 thousand karteninhaber machines at 35 thousand taxis. It is obvious that the capital is the main morning traffic car-share (in the centre) and the main evening (of centre). Although, of course, a lot of short trips during the day. In the afternoon a significant proportion of Parking spaces in the centre filled with Karcher and it is a problem for car owners.

Among my surroundings and among friends of my friends I only know one person who tapped the buttons of a calculator, I weigh the pros and cons — and sold his car with the words “car-sharing is more profitable!”. For everyone else it is not a substitute for personal transport, and addition. We have our own car, but sometimes I use a taxi or car sharing. Or, my wife drove our car with the kids and I took a Karcher. That is, this service does not reduce the number of cars in the city, and increases.

To such users I have no complaints. The man, who has his own car, used to a certain level of expenses (petrol, washing, maintenance and even fines), and charges for car-sharing is not out of his usual spending. And the attitude to cars, such people are more careful, careful. And the level of knowledge of traffic rules, as a rule, above.

But there is another group of users — those who have their car there is not expected. And the drive want. They, in my experience, are the greatest threat on the road — driving without a Tsar in the head (minute — it’s $ 6!), throw the machine in the left lane of the Avenue (Oh, and she ran out of gas!), parked in yards so that travel cover everything. Because it is not their own, “the farm”. Carcharhinidae broken machines are no longer countable. And that’s the real threat is sometimes worse than a sleepy taxi drivers, migrant workers.

The traffic police seems to be undertook Karcher-drivers, but while this is so, for visibility. You have to be tougher. In Paris also talked a lot about the future of car sharing — yet electric cars Autolib’ was brand new. When they turned into smokehouses and shelters for the homeless, the service closed with a loss of 300 million euros. Us is also threatened.

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Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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