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Opel Corsa for 400 000: choose the best option

In the budget of half a million get twice the restyled cars with mileage less than 100,000 km. you Can find quite still a live machine in good equipment. But there is something that may disappoint the future owner of Corsi.Stanislav Panin Expert

Opel Corsa VI

Years of production: 2011-2013Engine: petrol, P4, 1.2 liter (85 HP); 1.4 l (100 HP)transmissions: M5, A4, R5Drive: front

BODY type: good anti-corrosion treatment and paint finish quality disappoint. The chips appear very quickly; the body has many areas prone to “peskostruy”.

Opel Corsa (sixth generation)Opel Corsa (sixth generation)

MOTORS: atmospheric petrol GM small volume (1.2 and 1.4 litres) in its mechanical basis is simple and reliable, a serious fault, for them, uncharacteristic. Except that attachments sometimes brings.

TRANSMISSION: 4-speed automatic Aisin is a good unit. What can be said about the mechanical boxes and built on their basis a single robot Easytronic: they are considered to be frankly distressed.

CHASSIS: the rear suspension relatively low resource silent blocks the beam, and in front — at the supports of shock absorbers. Steering with electric power steering capriciously. You can run into knocking a rail or electronics failures.

INTERIOR: rustic. After 100 000 km surrenders notable share of finishes: leatherette lining sidewalls of the front seats, the steering wheel, the casing of the gear lever.

WANT to SELL: Corsa sixth generation — liquid machine. Best selling five-door hatchbacks in the rich equipment, especially prized version with climate control.

The RESULT: Opel Corsa sixth generation — mixed option. Serious problems not so much, but a bunch of possible minor faults can be very upsetting. And it is not uncommon. When selecting car mandatory thorough diagnosis. And stay away from modifications to the robot.

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Photo: Opel

Opel Corsa for 400 000: choose the best вариантOpel Corsa for 400 000: choose the best option

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