Opel Insignia won the competition “Winter car-2018”

The competition was testing out 14 new models of various brands, which was presented for 2017.

Opel Insignia won the annual competition “Winter car-2018”, the judges who determine the most reliable car for driving the frozen and snow-covered roads.

The competition was held in February, the Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma (TM). It tested 14 new models of different brands that were presented during 2017 in the most popular engines and transmissions.

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“Contestants” took various checks during the month, both in the laboratory and on the test track in Ivalo, known as “White hell”, as well as on normal roads of Lapland. As a result, the Opel Insignia “vyborola” victory with the absolute advantage in many ways.

According to the final report, Opel Insignia received the highest rating for heating systems, control and braking. In addition, the model received high marks for convenience and comfort even during long trips.

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