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“Ordered to take him alive” — the police chase them and us

Why would an American COP cars rams (“pushbar”)? As cops are trained to beat offenders? Where to shoot police in the United States and Russia? Watch the video.

On the Internet a lot of movies, how police stop cars of offenders. If it happens in USA, it is, as a rule, helicopters, leading the pursuit with patrol cars. In Russia video police registrars. View a few of these records to understand the methods used by our and foreign law enforcement.

Estonian police officer stops the offender’s Opel ribbon with spikes (in the vernacular — “hedgehog” or “shoot”). He pulls it out of the case clearly throws under the wheels of the machine that needs to hold, and then clears the way to the spikes did not hit the other cars going in the stream. That’s the job! Like is done every day not one time. And of course, this video is worth to watch in slow motion: Estonian moves surprisingly quickly.

Now — as are the American police. Filmed from the cab of the patrol car, so it’s easy to imagine myself as a COP. Method of stopping the truck the offender a traditional American police — beat battering RAM (“pushbroom”) to the rear wheel to the car the fugitive was deployed. Sometimes you have to work pretty hard. And, apparently, is not quite safe.

Seems pretty effective piece mesh woven nylon belts, mounted on the front bumper of the police car. Like lasso, she jumped on one of the rear wheels of the car of the offender and blocks it. The developers grappler bumper police claim that this device is safer and more efficient than conventional police rams. But the police, managing such a seizure must be a virtuoso driver.

Russian police have two main ways of struggle — a living barrier with the use of trucks or shooting at the tires during the pursuit. One example of the use of live barrier removed in Samara in the beginning of may. Inspectors of traffic police noticed the VAZ-2108 with broken headlights, tried to stop, the driver did not obey. Had to chase. At the intersection of Aurora and the Guerrilla movement was blocked by patrol cars and heavy vehicles. But in this case, the violator did not give up, knocking the police. 23-the summer driver “the eights” has already been prosecuted for driving while intoxicated and deprived of rights sat behind the wheel drunk.

As a human shield by the Russian police sometimes used not only trucks, but also private cars — contrary to the police act. So, for example, took place on 20 January 2016 in Tatarstan.

The traffic police tried to stop a Mitsubishi Lancer tinted, the driver of requirements of employees of traffic police have not fulfilled. To delay the intruder, the cops tried to organize a human shield on one of the circular intersections, but without success. Later, the offender still detained. Young driver (21 years) was not drunk, but minor offence (such as excessive shading on the glass) was added to the red, failing to comply with police and leaving the scene of an accident: when he tried to get away from the chase, hit the car of one of the witnesses of the incident.

To stop 35-year-old car thief on the Lada 2115 numbers of the Ivanovo region, the inspectors of traffic police of the Vladimir region not only had to build a barrier (which the offender managed to avoid), but to use his gun. All in accordance with the law. Two warning shots in the air, then the wheels. All the inspectors made 14 shots! And even then, the fugitive was trying to “break away” from the chase. In the end flew into the ditch. When he pulled out, he continued to behave inappropriately.

And finally, I propose to see how American police operate when they have only a suspicion that they are threatened. The highway patrol says the Toyota Sequoia, whose driver stopped right in the left lane on the turn. Trying to figure out what happened. An elderly driver is behaving inappropriately, for which he receives in the shoulder shot from the traumatic weapon, and is handcuffed. Now you can understand the situation.

We can do without the conclusion. Inhibits the police stop. Act within the law. Don’t try to learn on your experience, how police catch fugitives.

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