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Paper title — all! Now only electronic

Today entered into force legislative amendments and the electronic passport of the vehicle (sprts designed) to replace the paper started to give out to all the produced in Russia cars.Elena Alekseeva


Electronic PTS found loopholes for fraudsters

Until today, the cars were given both paper and electronic title, but from 1 November the results of the paper discontinued. While there is nothing to change, the paper passport of the vehicle will act on the entire territory of the country and going to any terms is not limited.

The countries of the Eurasian Union had to go on sprts designed together with Russia, but not all were ready for this, so for the rest of the unit the date was extended for a year, until November 1, 2020.

E-TCP is used by more than 850 participants, including manufacturers, importers, dealers and various financial institutions. It is believed that the electronic document more difficult to forge, and besides, it is more informative — it will be used to trace the history of the technical condition of the vehicle since its manufacture or import into the territory of the EAEU and disposal.

  • In August, at a meeting on the transition to sprts designed it turned out that technical problems have with Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.


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