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Parking, fuel and fines: what are overpaid drivers in the most expensive cities in the world

USA has been named the most expensive country for car owners.

Having a car is convenient, but it is also a waste of fuel, Parking and maintenance. So, the most expensive countries for motorists were the USA, Germany and the UK. Here the owners of the machines have an average spend of up to 10 thousand dollars a year.

Research is carried out by calculating the cost of maintenance, fuel, insurance, Parking and taxes analytical Agency Inrix. Also takes into account indirect costs, such as Parking fines, carbon emissions and wasted time.

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According to these parameters the most expensive city in 2017 became new York. Here, car owners had to pay for a year about 18 926 dollars. Core overpayments associated with payment of the Parking spaces. This figure is almost twice the average in the US $ 10 288 dollars. Only for Parking new Yorkers paid 28 dollars for every two hours.

In the cities of Germany to maintain the car will cost 14 percent less than in the US. In the UK to own a car by as much as 55 percent cheaper than in the average city in America. So, in the United States most expensive cities to own a car.

10 U.S. cities where owning a car is the most expensive:

1. New York- 18 926 $

2. Los Angeles – 14,834 $

3. San Francisco – 14 $ 625

4. Washington, DC – 13 297 dollars

5. Chicago – 12,890 $

6. Boston – 12 853 $

7. Seattle – 11 848 dollrov

8. Atlanta – 11 578 dollars

9. Dallas – 10 841 $

10. Detroit – 10 203 $

Recall that in America launched a program of check of Parking systems. It will include a review of all possible sensors and cameras that help the driver when driving backwards or Parking.

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