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Pedestrian crossing in 3D graphics will attract people

In the German city conducted an experiment by drawing a Zebra in a three-dimensional image.

In Braunschweig, the Deputy head of the municipal district Frank Schroeter introduced a new way of dealing with speeding on certain roads. He gave the nod to the painting of pedestrian crossings, using a three-dimensional image.

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In Kiev, there were “smart” pedestrian crossing

This method is not new. The illusion of “floating beams” – a spectacular way to get drivers to slow down, but when they get used to it, it ceases to act. Proved a similar implementation in one of the cities of Iceland. There is first the effectiveness of the implementation was at a high level, and then everything was back to normal. The same was observed in the Austrian city of Linz.

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In Norway opened pedestrian crossing for idiots (video)

So experiments with optical illusion makes sense on the sections of roads where a large flow of transit traffic, said AutoDream. Plus, the three-dimensional effect disappears in the dark and in rainy weather. But, for example, the Austrians have learned that, despite its low efficiency walking 3D transitions in demand by tourists and contribute a lot to the advertisement of the city, becoming a good marketing tool.

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