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Pensioner attacked on the school bus because of thrown bottles

Drivers often find out the relationship on the road, but it is particularly sad when adults get rowdy in the presence of children. An example of inappropriate behavior showed the students the 68-year-old American resident of Nottingham, Maryland.

Last Thursday an elderly resident of Nottingham by the name of Ardin Lavern Doran drove his car on business in Baltimore and there were in sluggish traffic. Suddenly, his car dropped the bottle. Next was driving a school bus, and Mr. Doran decided that this young naughty fucking with him, why was furious, got out of the car and went to sort things out. The bus driver, however, it is prudent not admitted to the salon of an angry fat man, and then he climbed up the front of the bus and began beating his fist on the hood, demanding to let him in. All this is captured camera of the DVR.

Watching attack of the pensioner, the students began to scream, and the bus driver decided to continue driving at a low speed, but not on the planned route and the direction to the police station, where specially trained employees would be able to remove the hood the unauthorized passenger. The trip, however, did not last long: the scene I saw being off duty police officer, who himself delivered the raging Mr Doran to the Department. Now he is accused of hooliganism and damaging property, reports the website of the regional TV channel WBAL-TV 11.

Most importantly, it is unclear what is sought from a pensioner. Even if the ill-fated bottle did fall on his car from the school bus, as if he realized which of her students threw? Would each interrogation or even beat? In General, a properly made driver that did not allow aggressive of the subject to children, after all he is responsible for them, is obliged to send to parents in safe and sound.

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