Peugeot 3008 GT-Line: the heart Line

E, if to judge only by the name, the GT-Line and this is the top Ukraine equipment Peugeot 3008 – should be a line of passion. After all the letters GT hails from the fire element, to the fortuneteller do not go! However, the French palmistry has its own characteristics.

150. Everyone!

Peugeot 3008 in our market offers a choice of two engines of equal power: 150 horsepower. One of them is forced petrol, a 1.6 liter, and the second two-liter turbodiesel. The GT-Line leaves no choice, as available exclusively with the motor on heavy fuel. As it happened: the people of the Peugeot made a bet on the diesel. It is superior to gasoline engine and on engine capacity and torque (370 Nm vs 240 Nm), only the booster dynamics he concedes. Although 9.6 seconds, which exchanged first hundred diesel Peugeot 3008, is also very personal, technically it is, as you know, a little further from the classical understanding of GT than the petrol counterpart (which weighs 110 kg less). What, then, does the GT line?

Silver roof rails and chrome, and tinted glass rear doors and tailgate buyers of the Peugeot 3008 GT-Line gets free.

It seems that the French believe her heart line. After all, how him to never tell, and it still stretches to the beauty and comfort. This is the coordinate system that will lead you to the top version of the Peugeot 3008 – by the way, “Car 2017” in Europe.

All. Almost all

The GT-Line equipment for those who prefer a if to kiss, Queen. Stealing the criminal code does not allow, however, for million insists not only a proverb but also price lists Peugeot: about the same amount you need to pay for the possession 3008-m in top configuration. It starts from 925 thousand UAH, but offers almost all, that much of the modern car industry in this class: led headlight and digital instrument panel to the projection of company’s logo on the pavement near the front door.

The form of the dashboard is as catchy as the outline of the body. The personal space of the driver cleverly emphasized curving wall console.

However, I found no heated rear seats or in the standard description GT-Line nor in the list of options, while competitors already offer such a thing. And the need to pay 12 200 UAH for the camera with 360 degrees (default 180) for a buyer maximum configuration looks strange.

I can understand the marketing of the brand, but the same 12 200 UAH is better to give up for “Security”: from useful, in my opinion, it has adaptive high beam, blind spot sensors and restraint system of the vehicle in lane – not only signaling, but also thruster.

Instrument panel – digital, offers a choice of several design options. With animation sometimes too muchCentral display sometimes lacks imagination – that’s how unsophisticated is denoted by a choice of modes, dynamic Boost and relaxing RelaxButton that controls changing “moods” of the Peugeot i-Cockpit Amplify, is the smallest and located to the left of a series of chrome-plated toggle switches6-band automatic mode of Parking by pressing on the handle. Her button Parking brake, and Sport button – the prerogative of the GT-LineFront seats in good shape, well keep in corners and look great under the skin Nappa Mistrallegroom in the back, the height of the seat cushion is optimal – at least for passengers of average heightthe Front part of the glass roof still and shifted, turning into a LukeBase boot capacity – 520 litres and with the rear seats folded it increases by almost three times

“Security +” for 19 540 UAH to add to the list of electronic assistants and even the adaptive cruise control and Active Safety system Brake. Her responsibilities include emergency stop before the obstacle (outside the polygon is difficult to verify) and the warning about dangerous rapprochement with the rider in front of the car. But with him, warning the French have overthought. First, the system is prone to panic. On our own, at least the roads. No matter how adjust the switching distances, the city’s warning becomes annoying. Second, it is too catchy: animations on the digital instrument panel is distracting attention at the very moment when it is better to focus on the road. I quickly tired of the cartoon about the two rotating in different planes an orange sphere, and I turned the system off. I will vote for “Security” without a plus.

Shine and darkness

It is difficult to resist the compliments, looking at the design of the Peugeot 3008. But until I have fully weighed the model and the members of the jury of Car of the Year and colleague from our editorial staff (ZR, 2017, No. 5). So take a closer look at what to expect from crossover in equipping the GT-Line once the demand for it in our country was honored to exceed supply.

Only the GT-Line characteristic grille made of polished chrome, and the chrome window line. They are a wonderful ensemble with rails in silver color, also included in the package. It is generally a lot of chrome, they even covered the exhaust pipes. And for the Shine you a penny will not take.

For two-color body asked to pay. Black is the default, and the main color can be copper, platinum or grey.

But two-toned Coupe Franche, which presents the vehicle in the photo, requires copayment at thirty and a half thousand hryvnia. One of the two colors are necessarily black, it is painted body rear end and roof. And for her black jewelry under the name Black Diamond money do not ask, it’s part of the aforesaid equipment. As the huge size of glass inserted in the roof – she’s here panoramic. And besides, her front half still slides back into a hatch.

Rims? Here again and again black, but not entirely, but partially. The proportion selected perfect – French-S. While the name of the discs (with laser engraving!) it is currently the us: Los Angeles, and the size, respectively, 18 inches. Tires – Mud & Snow adapted for work with a proprietary system Grip Control, which selects the torque on the wheels is the only drive axle depending on the type of coating. Grip Control is also part of the GT-Line.

The mood

Seat trim and steering very good Mistral Nappa leather is also standard. It includes the Peugeot i-Cockpit Amplify long name hides a very interesting system that allows to change the reaction of the car and your own attitude in it. The user selects from two modes, dynamic Boost and relaxing Relax. For each different settings of the sensitivity of the accelerator and steering, special logic shift. For the sake of greater harmony, each mode allows you to specify and massage front seats, the aroma of the interior and led illumination. Perhaps this is a unique offer in the segment.

Peugeot 3008 GT-Line is nearly one million hryvnias, but offers almost all, that much of the modern car industry in this class

Peugeot 3008 GT-Line is ready to knead you back, five kinds of massage, and the names of some sound very intriguing: Cat’s paw, Wave, Stretching, Spinal and Shoulder. Cabin spirits to choose from, three. But don’t be afraid to feel the perfume shop with its eerie cacophony of smells spray tester fragrances Peugeot light and do not conflict with each other. In addition, the intensity of flavoring, like massage, can be adjusted.

Click on the button

Features of the Peugeot 3008 does not affect its running performance. The letters GT do not bear the additional stiffness of the suspension and, as already mentioned, do not save seconds to hundreds or even Vice versa. However, with the driving qualities are all very good default crossover is defiantly turns and completely ignores the small road irregularities. Major exhibits sensitivity only rear suspension torsion beam, but it’s a family trait of most of the models built on the platform of EMP2. As a fairly transparent connection with steered wheels, by the way.

The spirit of cheerfulness is invoked without the accompanying aroma and massage with the touch of a Sport button, which is the only version of the GT-Line. Key bare nerves of the steering and the gas pedal, changing the logic of a 6-band machine and… sound. Diesel crossover begins to growl almost like petrol “lighter”! Not without false notes, but effectively. Button Sport, by the way, and brings the GT-Line to the classical interpretation of these two letters, for which special thank you to her.

We thank the company “Peugeot Citroen Ukraine” provided for a test car.


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