Peugeot 301: Wealth — people!

Inthe choice between car-twins easy, probably, only when you have the strong and long-standing preponderance of sympathy towards one particular brand. But I can’t decide who’s more cute: Peugeot 301 or its brother Citroen C-Elysee (SP No. 10, 2017). From 301-go – a new brand “toothy” grille, which from a distance it is not so easy to distinguish from the flagship 508-th model, “the marks of claws” in the updated lights and a pleasingly simple taupe color Mocca, which do not see the city dust. And C-Elysee – luxury chrome-plated bars in the “facade” cunning lights with 3D effect and life-affirming rich dark blue color. How do you juggle that?
Lights now with bold strokes of claws”, as in 508. Alloy wheels – option for 6720 UAH.

Maybe the price will put (or rather erase) the dots over the letter e in the name of the preferred brand? No – configuration is the same, but the prices do not differ by a penny. So in my case only different powertrain and sets of options these cars from the test fleet.

Citroen, recall, was with a petrol engine and six-speed hydroautomation. Under the bonnet of the Peugeot – a long and well-established 92-horsepower diesel with a simple five-step mechanics – in fact, no other boxes for that engine and not offering. Diesel great: his temperamental pick-up from the bottom makes forever forget about the difference in power with a gasoline engine 23 HP – in the dynamics at city speeds it wins. Transmission, of course, not automatic and bustle of the capital is not as convenient as a great machine from Citroen, but it has its winning side. Informative clear grip clear short strokes of the lever and the long gear ratios, so that five levels is enough: the highest is only 80 km/h.

The most noticeable difference between the interior of C-Elysee — black patent leather insert on front panel.

Yes, diesel is noisy and in some modes fill the interior with vibration at speeds over 110 km/h and is loud. But, first, sound insulation is always possible to bring to mind by yourself, and secondly, a loud voice that the motor be forgiven for cheerful character and truly chudotvortsu efficiency. 4.3 l on “hundred” in the Metropolitan traffic jams and less liter on the highway – even in the city a full tank will last a thousand miles! This, incidentally, is a reason to come to terms with the discomfort of the mechanical boxes in the city.

In the settings of running the machines are the same: the Peugeot has the same noisy suspension insecure, prone to ing the stern on the left. Therefore, in the competition on smoothness and 301 and C-Elysee the same as a loss.

In winter, the French have provided a removable shield that covers from mud and gravel bottom slot bumperDevices where traditional more Peugeot than Citroen: the latter is more elegant hands, but it is better to read scaleMedia system with a 7-inch display fit in a simple consolePicture with a rear view camera is of average quality and without dynamic guides, but helps to maneuverClose to with the key off ESP button the optional factory alarm for 6720 UAHArmrest in a car with a manual transmission significantly interferes to wield a hammer – fortunately, it can be folded

The Citroen I was surprised by the lack of even in the maximum configuration rear Parking sensors: for quite a long sedan is a significant disadvantage. Peugeot is taken to solve the problem on the test machine installed the optional media system with rear view camera. The latter provides a seven-inch display a picture of average quality and without dynamic guides, but her help in maneuvering weighty, as any modern sedan, the 301, the review back through the glass mediocre.

Also among the talent system navigation and access to the Internet by connecting to Wi-Fi or your smartphone. However, the wireless network system catches weaker than the phone, and integration with mobile devices requires a thorough patient and, in the case of Android, install additional Android apps Auto. For all of the fun please 22 400 hryvnia – not much there? Because the most useful in this set – sensors and camera…

However, the French wisely and give the opportunity to choose exactly what you need. Just want sensors – no question, 5600 hryvnias will receive four ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper. Want a fancy media system with a large display, but no navigation in the appendage – you could, for 10 thousand. Media plus camera – Yes, also please price question 14 560 hryvnia. A flexible approach, Bravo!

In the top version of Allure diesel Peugeot 301 for 426 700 UAH 10 thousand cheaper variant with petrol engine and automatic, as on the Citroen. The choice is no less complicated than between the two brands. Still, personally, I would prefer diesel even if its commitment to the automatic transmission it rides more interesting and allows twice less likely to visit the gas station. And with the current fuel prices is a strong argument.

Thank you for providing the test car company “Peugeot Citroen Ukraine”.


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