Pickup Ram 2500 got a new special model

A special modification of the Ram 2500 pickup truck will appear on the Australian market.

A special version, called Code Black, will be released in limited edition. Pickup Ram 2500 in the new version got a matte black grille. In the same color made the bumpers, door arches, exterior mirror housings and 20-inch wheels.

As the standard Ram 2500, pickup version Code Black available to Australians with a Cummins turbodiesel with a volume of 6.7 litre 375-HP Engine is paired with six-speed “automatic”. The model is equipped with all-wheel drive system.

In the list of equipment of the truck includes cruise control, entertainment system, rear view camera, climate control, heated steering wheel.

Price Ram 2500 Code Black starts from $ 149 to AU $ 500. The orders for the new product are already taking.

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