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Plastered the car wrap — to make any changes in the STS?

The reader “Behind the wheel” were asked to explain the actions of the motorist in the case of the most popular tuning. Our experts are always ready to help.Sergey Smirnov, The Expert

Good afternoon. Ride on car blue. The PTS and STS colour recorded as blue. I want to paste the car film vinyl blue colors, but matte shade, no shimmer. Do I need to make changes in the PTS and STS in this regard?

Sincerely yours, Alexey

The answer of the lawyer

Sergey Smirnov, avtoyurist, Deputy chief editor of “Radio highways”:

In this case, changes in registration documents are required. Even if after pasting the car will be a matte shade. In General, the color of the car does not always accurately indicated in the documents, and to the eye to determine the hue is impossible.

As far as changes to the registration documents when you change the color, we need to know the following.

A similar issue arises the owner or after the color change (for example, was blue, was white), or changing the color of more than 30% of body surface.

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