Polestar modified hybrid modification of the crossover Volvo XC60

Specialists of the factory tuning Studio of the company has added the Volvo hybrid XC60 SUV power and increased the speed of change of the transmission in eight-speed automatic transmission.

Part of a hybrid power plant includes a four-cylinder gasoline engine 2.0 equipped with the turbine and mechanical supercharger, 87-horsepower electric motor and a set lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 9.2 kWh. The total capacity of the units after completions increased by 421 horsepower instead of the previous 407 forces.

Information on how to change the dynamic characteristics of the modified crossover, not yet reported. Serial hybrid Volvo XC60 is gaining first “hundred” in 5.3 seconds. Average fuel consumption is 2.1 liters per hundred kilometers. The supply of the electric range of 45 kilometres.

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