Police stopped the woman for driving on a moped in a negligee

The police of Panglao island, detained a couple of mopedists in beachwear for disrespecting local customs.

In the Philippine province of the public was outraged by drive tourists on a moped at the beach suit that didn’t cover almost anything. South Africa its kind of distracted road users, who complained about her to the police. Inspectors stopped a couple of due to the fact that such behavior is indicative of a lack of respect for local customs, it was Holy week of Easter.

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Ministers forced the woman to cover her buttocks, gave her a severe reprimand and issued a ticket for violation of the rules of the road.

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“We remind the tourists to observe proper decorum, even if they are guests in this place,” said senior police inspector of Romare Lebesby Bohol from Panglao, adding that they can wear such garments on the beach, but not when traveling on public roads.

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