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Police will be allowed for the inspection of vehicles on avtonomera

In the Verkhovna Rada will consider a new bill that will give the National police the authority to check the duration of stay in Ukraine of vehicles on the European register

The number of cars with Euronorm is growing exponentially, the authorities can’t find a solution that would suit both sides. And the Ukrainians are increasingly inclined to purchase cars for avtonomera to avoid liability after the introduction video and photocontrol compliance with the rules of the road.

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Serious fights: the owners of the cars on avtonomera fight with the authorities

In order to control the process rustamaji purchased in Europe vehicles the government plans to pass a bill that will allow the highway patrol to check the legality of stay of cars with EU number plates in Ukraine. In the Verkhovna Rada will consider it in the near future.

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Police increases patrols on the roads

Recently employees of the national police signed an agreement with the Lithuanian colleagues, which allowed us to access their accounting system vehicles Regitra. All the data about the Lithuanian cars are transferred Netpolicy, which so far has no authority to control these cars.

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