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Polish cities impose a fee for entry: how much will it cost?

Payment will release only vehicles running on alternative fuels. These cars will also receive a free Parking space.

The bill, among other things, the introduction of fees for entry to environmentally friendly areas of cities, the Polish government adopted in late December last year. Now the document is in the approval in Parliament and enter into force the new law have 14 days from the date of publication on the official website, the Polish online edition

So, owners of cars with petrol and diesel engines for entry in an ecologically clean area of the city, which will be recognized as the centers of large cities, will have to pay 30 PLN per day. In terms of our money is at the current rate is 489 rubles.

Or not to introduce a fee for entry, will solve the city authorities. But the public expects under the banner of the fight against smog many will want to do it, especially that the draft law provides that repayments will be income of the municipality. For example, officials Wroclaw, Krakow and toruń has previously stated in the feasibility of the introduction of environmental zones.

Exempt from fees are only owners of cars on alternative fuels, that is mainly electric cars. Additionally they will be encouraged by the opportunity to Park for free until the end of 2025 will be allowed to use a strip intended for movement of public transport.

Information centre of the government of Poland reports that violators of the law on entry restrictions in the ecologically clean zone of the city, a penalty of PLN 500 (8 thousand). Such zones would hour, not expected to make concessions even on weekends and holidays.

Originally, the bill intended to restrict entry to city centres only old cars, but in the process of revision and distributed it to all cars with internal combustion engines.

  • At the end of last year the state Duma adopted the law “On traffic organization in the Russian Federation”, better known as the law of the congestion. However, after a heated debate, this rule allows the regional authorities the discretion to introduce a fee for entry to certain areas of the city, it never came. However, another controversial rule on the possibility to introduce a fee for Parking in the yards of it left.
  • In London charge for entry to the city centre charge seven in the morning until six in the evening, this fee is not want to pay only the representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, including its tax. And from taxes, as you know, diplomats are exempt. However, the city authorities insist that this is not a tax but a fee, and must pay all exempt only emergency vehicles and public transport. The dispute lasted for a year.


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