Porsche Cayenne: the Golden section

Aboutotpravlyayas to Crete to experience the new Cayenne, I knew that it was built on the MLB platform, which has formed the basis of the crossovers Bentley Bentayga and Audi Q7. And, therefore, not surprised nor 48-volt onboard power supply or active stabilizer bars or thruster rear suspension. These high-tech gadgets were flirting with me a loaded Audi SQ7 to drive the presentation a year and a half ago.
The MLB platform which is based on the new Cayenne, implies that the engine in the front overhang. The axis of the front wheels passes between the engine flywheel and the torque Converter of the machine.

And his eyes do not believe! It really is a new Cayenne? Front to distinguish it from its predecessor is almost impossible, we have to look at the details. But from the stern – no doubt! – new. But why? The designers say they wanted to emphasize continuity. What to emphasize? The front part of the most Porsche does not radically change over the decades. But the narrow rear lights and connecting them led to the stroke, like new Panamera is the current style of Porsche.

The new Cayenne is easily distinguished by the led jumper connecting the taillights. And the Turbo version (pictured) – “quadratini” connection release (normal Cayenne they are round).

Ukrainian sales have already begun. There are three versions: Cayenne and Cayenne S with the six-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 340 and 440 HP respectively, as well as the Cayenne Turbo with a 550-horsepower V8 engine.

The Cayenne Turbo is so keen and ardent in his office (just two turns of helm from lock to lock) that I even… got a little upset. If he fell into my hands ten years ago, I could enjoy it fully. And now – a family, a mortgage… to Rush through the narrow Greek roads, waliwa once closed turn at the limit of coupling properties of tires, stalling, not so much. Although the limit of coupling properties of tires, I got excited: to the limit to find, you should try.

Cayenne has grown in length by 63 mm. Approximately half of this gain had on the front and rear overhangs. The wheelbase has not changed.

Don’t get me wrong: the discontent is not connected with the machine, and that to implement even half of the capabilities of Cayenne Turbo hard to find the right area. Autobahnen? We don’t have them. Serpentines? Also to look for more. This Cayenne place on a dedicated circuit and on normal roads him stuffy. Even in the city, he can not relax the slightest deflection from zero leads to a change of course.

Surcharge on the Cayenne Turbo can be ordered carboceramics brakes, they are distinguished by their yellow callipers. In the basic Turbo – cast iron brake discs with a coating of tungsten carbide (white calipers)A roof spoiler is lifted by 20 mm (6°) the command buttons on the display. Depending on the speed it rotates to an angle of 28.2°, creating additional downforce

However, buyers are not deterred. The Cayenne Turbo is primarily the status of the owner, which is confirmed specifications: 3.9 seconds for acceleration to 100 km/h It is faster than Turbo S second generation. Yes there is faster than many “real” Porsche of the past – “nine hundred eleventh”!

On the center console is a 12.3-inch touchscreen, and front of the driver only one analog instrument is the tachometer. On either side of him – a seven-inch displays, information on which can be configured as desired.

However, one complaint I still have. The side Windows have double Turbo, but the rustle of tires nevertheless seeps into the cabin. Mute him! And the sound of the engine, on the contrary, I would be “added”. By the way, where is the button “forward flow”, allows you to enjoy the signature baritone of the exhaust system? Is the new Cayenne Turbo has lost a voice? You have the option Panamera and Cayenne will appear later. And will the diesel and hybrid versions.

In the Central display you can display all the possible adjustments: activity response of the engine and transmission, damping and even raising the height of the spoilerThe steering wheel is located a rotary washer-enabling modes, Sport and Sport PlusTouch buttons not the best solution. To find them, it is necessary to look away from the road. PASM adaptive dampers are still in the ranks. For the Cayenne S and standard equipmentBy pressing the button in the trunk stationary Cayenne can be “brought down” to facilitate loading

Despite the fact that the MLB platform implies that the engine in the front overhang, the front end does not seem peretyagina: rolls and demolition, he does not provoke. First, the center of mass is now below. Second, the new electro-mechanical stabilizer instantly responds to lateral acceleration. Third, the new Cayenne equipped with different-sized tyres: 255/55 (front) and 275/50 (rear) on 19-inch wheels up to 285/40 (front) and 315/35 (rear) discs with a diameter of 21 inches. Finally, the curb weight Turbo has managed to reduce 10 kg, and Cayenne and Cayenne S was better at 55 and 65 kg, respectively.

Seat – with adjustable lateral support and the seat back and cushion. If you turn the engine off, the grip weakens and the “ears” of the seat apartThe trunk capacity is 745 litres (100 litres more than the predecessor). The gain achieved due to the fact that the floor of the Luggage compartment was just below. The rear seats are moved forward on 155 mmClimate control four-zone. For four of the five chairs provides not only heating but also ventilation

Less energy, less pounds… Cayenne S produces quite a different impression: it is more pleasant to roll around the city and on the highway the power capacity is enough for a dramatic leap. And… is “Eska” porykivaet on others a little louder?

Hardly. Just on the mountain roads of Crete because of the constant elevation of your ears. Remember how kept me plenty busy rushing into battle Cayenne Turbo? “Eska” obedient so much so that I even yawned, the pressure on the eardrum returned to normal, and Cayenne sounded.

Both of these versions produce exactly the passenger experience. But this does not mean that Cayenne lost off-road talents. Torque applied to the rear wheels and the front is connected electronically controlled clutch packages of “wet” clutch. Now the clutch is joined with the housing of the eight-speed hydromechanical automatic ZF, which replaced the Japanese Aisin. Why not robotic PDK, both on the same Panamera? Because off-road ambitions: to peresechenke it is important to measure the thrust smoothly, and the fluid mechanics for this could not be better.

Stronger than succumb to the charm of the new Cayenne, the more interesting reveal. Now the Cayenne there is no atmospheric engines, it is put in different size tires and sports an active spoiler on the roof. But most importantly, the Cayenne continues to withstand the “Golden section”, and by far not only in terms of design.


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