Porsche Cayman translated to electric

Aboutpitny sample of the electric vehicle, developed by a division of Porsche Engineering and the company ADS-TEC specializing in industrial PCs and energy storage systems, was demonstrated to the participants of the event Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stuttgart. It is noted that the concept is not based on the new generation Cayman 718, and on the coupe of the previous generation, which is intrafactory index 981. The main difference of the novelties is the power plant instead of the inline engine with six cylinders the machine is driven by an electric motor.

Data on the power and maximum torque are still kept secret, but the developers said that the prototype is able to accelerate from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.3 seconds. For comparison, the standard 350-horsepower top-modification of the 718 coupe Porsche Cayman S with the optional Sport Chrono package is gaining first “hundred” in 4.2 seconds. The power reserve of the electric car is about 200 kilometers.

800-volt Charging system, Porsche Turbo, which is equipped with a prototype, capable of delivering power up to 320 kW, while the Tesla Supercharger station this parameter is not more than 120 kW.

The German company said the concept Cayman evolution in the series would not, however, confirmed that they are currently engaged in the development of the production version of the four-door electric vehicle.

Earlier it was reported that the first all-electric Porsche will be produced in 2019. The design of the model will be executed in stylistics of the concept car Mission E presented in 2015 at the Frankfurt motor show. The power reserve of the future the electric car will be about 500 km, and charging the batteries to 80% level will take only 15 minutes.

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