Porsche demanded that the Audi 200 million euros for the “deselect”

N > we recall that a Scam with the intention of understating the level of harmful emissions from diesel engines have turned to Volkswagen AG huge fines, dismissal of management and millions of reviews of cars worldwide. Moreover, the investigation regarding “desligada” far from over.

At the end of September it became known that the German police have arrested the former chief engineer of the Volkswagen group Wolfgang Hatz, who is suspected that he played a leading role in the manipulation of the understatement of emissions.

And even earlier, in the summer, the German authorities have forbidden to register new crossovers Porsche Cayenne are equipped with three-liter turbo diesel V6 from Audi. In addition, the German transport Ministry has ordered a Porsche to withdraw about 22 thousand already sold crossovers for replacement software.

Despite the fact that both premium brand are in the same group, the leadership of the company Porsche had sent a letter to the Board of Directors of Audi, in which he said that “feel cheated” and demanded to pay damages of 200 million euros.

This is with reference to its source the newspaper Bild.

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