Porsche Panamera GTS: the Green Mamba

Eit is the Panamera, which all have been waiting for. At least, all those who see it as a primarily Porsche. Who, despite a solid Bank account, and stubbornly chooses the left front seat instead of rear right. Who kicks trolling the old physics, factoring out the weight and dimensions. But the main thing is to get a representative vehicle with four and even with five full-fledged seats handling two-door sport coupe. With reservations about size and weight, of course. But for the new Panamera exterior colors, among which red Carmine Red and the one green Mamba Green, unconditionally good.
Tinted rear lights are connected by a black strip. Whatever the main body color, the GTS is sure to receive a stylish black parts.

Unbelievable, but…

The weight and size of reservations in the case of the GTS, clearly not enough to prevent the driver’s face spread into a smile at the exit of the turn. Five meters and two tons, you say? Do not believe! On the track this Panamera is capable of getting through even serious distrustful of men – and in some sense even stronger than the 911.

Here I stand on the thin ice of sacrilege, and perhaps obliged to explain. The Porsche 911 remains an icon of virtually all his twenty-four variants, starting and ending with Carrera GT2 RS. But from the icon since the start of the unbelievable wonders, and she just does it, responding to pleas and exceeding expectations.

To the observer left no doubt on the front fenders proudly displayed the name of the modelTo the observer left no doubt on the front fenders proudly displays the model name ofthe Spoiler at the hatchback more impressive: he not only rises, but also travels to the sides, increasing the area

And the big family-the Panamera initially seem like a VIP guest on the pitlane formula track in Bahrain. But she rolls to the starting line after the instructor 911 Turbo S and not very false, repeats almost all his antics – from the phenomenal stability of the arc until late, very late braking in the turns. Getting out from behind the wheel after six hot laps and one cooling, are trying to regain flooded with endorphins the brain to work and doing their best to understand what it all was? And now have a Panamera GTS that did not exist before?

Everything is under control

Her engine as the Porsche Panamera Turbo, and a very reasonable control system chassis. A single electronic brain manages all major chassis systems, sending commands to them, which is important for the new high-speed bus. Orders flying fast and in bulk, and the Executive elements, as you know, mass. These are the shock absorbers with electronic control and three-chamber pneumococci. Active stabilizers that lost hydraulics and now delayed solely by electric motors, powered from the second onboard power supply of 48 V. the Thruster to 2.8 degrees of rear wheel. Finally, all-wheel drive (it is in the database) and a system of active thrust vector control including electronic locking rear differential.

This set of iron highbrow, in principle, is not news for the class; it is available for all Porsche Panamera second generation. Something in the database, something for a fee, depending on the model. The news is, how it works. Exactly Panamera GTS received the most perfect software, managing all this good. After all, the GTS version is a special one for Porsche, they always appear last in the lineup. If you want the icing on the cake.

Chassis GTS – all-wheel drive by default, but the surcharge will be polnopravnym: rear wheels turn at 2.8 degreesHave a version of the GTS, the same three-chamber pneumococci as other models. But the settings are different, and ground clearance is reduced per centimeterof the Active stabilizer under the control of the electro-motor 48 V. Runs significantly faster than the old hydraulics

That is, the beginning of work on the GTS the developers already had an impressive database of various settings and, most importantly, a clear understanding of what is good and what is bad in other Panamera. They are, in a sense, become cats, which honed the habits of the future Panamera GTS.

And she had a clearance of 10 mm below standard. What? In response to this very specific question the company’s engineers somehow launched into a vague explanation that “air suspension in the process constantly changes the height,” and specific figures are not called. Just do not work out with theory, call upon the aid of practice: suspension Panamera, whatever it was, was enough to force behind the pickups is pretty deep puddles formed after this shower (see the video by scanning the QR code).

For extra charge you can obtain composite ceramic brake discs and front calipers on the pistons 10Universal Sport Turismo does not look like a “wagon” – flying, dynamic profile and very flavorful food. The roof gently flows into the spoiler.The trunk of the wagon is more spacious than the hatch: plus 20 l for the vertical backrest of the rear seat, plus 50 years, if the backrest folded

And this despite the low massive air intakes in the front bumper. By the way, they will be black when any color of the body, because they are part of package Sport Design, which the Panamera GTS gets by default. How, in fact, black lights, stylish lettering “GTS” on the front fenders and rocker panels and wheel rims to 20″. Latest aptly amaze not only design, but also the sizes of tyres: 274/40 front and 315/35 rear.

The new Panamera GTS: flies and floats. 🙂 Test in Bahrain!

Quickly, but smoothly

The engine is structurally the same as that of the Turbo four-liter V-shaped “eight”, able to deactivate half of its cylinders. A couple of the turbine with double impeller located in the collapse of the block, which is made of aluminum. On the cylinder walls and piston rings are plasma coated with iron and chromium nitrate respectively. That’s about it, the engineers say willingly, claiming that it reduces oil consumption compared to the old 4.8-litre engine by nearly half.

Compared to Turbo the GTS engine power reduced by 90 horsepower up to 460 HP Not that Porsche was a pity to give GTS a chance to accelerate to a hundred in 3.8 s, like the Turbo, instead of 4.1 c. But first, the chain of command need to observe. And second, version of the GTS claimed to be highly suitable for daily use. Speaking of which, Porsche has in mind primarily the ease of control of a giant torque of 620 Nm and is not stressed perinna interesting, as for some reason people think. Yes, in comfort mode, the Panamera GTS is not grilling the soul when crossing small bumps (large on the roads of the Kingdom of Bahrain simply do not), but I do not claim that it will treat our pits.

In General the roads are waiting for you slightly smooth reaction on the accelerator and a quite comfortable operation of the robot with double clutch PDK.

But to control the thrust is really easy. In GTS, unlike the Turbo, not the feeling that straddled an angry pit bull. You a smooth reaction on the accelerator and a quite comfortable operation of the robot with double clutch PDK (box, by the way, differ from that of a Turbo). The car is incredibly docile and extremely fast, but when overclocking it is not necessary to Bang your head against the headrest. And even so the Panamera GTS really comfortable for everyday driving.

One of the two

While talking about Panamera GTS right now in the plural: the three coveted letters to their name got not only the hatchback, but the Sport Turismo wagon, which can fairly warm interest in the latter.

Why is it assumed that only he can offer three seats in the back. In fact, it is capable of and hatchback, but for a fee. A wagon triple rear sofa included in the basic package – to pay, on the contrary, it is necessary for two personal chairs. Here is a mirror reflection of each other.

A doorway in the GTS Sport Turismo is more convenient for planting forms the ceiling in the rear not so much cut, and it adds space above the heads of the passengers in the second row. There is a difference in the volume of the trunk, but it is not as tangible to justify your choice it: universal will offer plus 20 l for the vertical backrest of the rear seat, plus 50 years, if the backrest folded. The external dimensions of both bodies are almost identical.

The interior version of the GTS is design of interior and head-up display under the windshield – he came here for the first time.

Although the motor in the Panamera GTS and Panamera GTS Sport Turismo is the same, some features are different. Maximum speed at hatch by 3 km/h higher – 292 km/h. And fuel consumption in the city below: 14.2 l vs 14,8 liters per hundred. To first hundred car accelerates both equally, for 4.1 s. But the second hundred exchanged hatch a little faster wagon: a 15.4 and 15.6 C, respectively. Affects aerodynamics and some no, but the difference in weight: the Panamera Sport Turismo GTS to 30 kg heavier.

Spoiler the hatch is cooler, and it is noticeable even to the naked eye. Tricky wing not only rises above the trunk, but moved to the sides, increasing the area. Roof spoiler Sport Turismo looks modest, but don’t forget that we are talking about the wagon. For this body type regular spoiler that increases downforce on the rear axle up to 50 kg, in itself, phenomenon. And I wouldn’t say that I felt a significant difference in the behavior of the hatch and wagon on the track.

Sports luxury

If you already began to feel really sick from automotive interiors with wooden finish dashboard and especially the steering, the Panamera GTS will be shed healing balm to the soul. Here is anodized aluminum, leather and Alcantara. Alcantara! Its not only the eye sees on the racks and the ceiling, her back feels and my hands feel. Because black Alcantara trimmed the inner part of the seats and steering wheel. It is difficult to find another material in which the luxury is harmoniously interwoven with the sport. Who ever in your life held in the hands trimmed in Alcantara steering wheel, have not change it for anything else. Finishing materials – the main wow factor of the cabin, but not the only one. Both GTS got such a thing, which the Panamera has never been a projection display.

The instrument panel is distinguished by the GTS lettering and small design nuances. “Real” is only the Central tachometer; everything around him – the displayConsole, as in all Panamera second generation, almost devoid of physical keys. Use the virtual – whetherthe Gorgeous shape of the chair is adjustable in 18 directions and finished with non-slip Alcantara. Red belt – red bodyWagon GTS the Panamera Sport Turismo will offer rear passengers more than in the hatch, a doorway and a lot of space above the headsFeature interior trim GTS – bold use of leather and anodized aluminum. Pleasing to the eye, great to the touch

The device came later than the competition, but it came out unique. The trick is that, in addition to several standard images with different set of information is displayed, the Panamera offers the driver to assemble this kit yourself. You don’t need the indicator for the cruise control? Replace it with a G-sensor. Don’t want to see a disturbing icon of intersection marking? Can bring instead an indication of the selected gear.

Reasonable and convenient, but only on public roads. On the track you know why engineers are so long with projection display – here the focus of attention of the driver be only braking points and top turns.

The expendables

The instructor behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 Turbo S riding in front of me, though, and take into account the difference in dynamics between the two machines, but not particularly trying to give. This is evident at least by the way he comes off on the straight after exiting the next turn.

On the track, the Panamera GTS is hard-edged sports car: such a transformation is truly mesmerizing.

But we go to them equally, that is the question. Moreover, to add insult to injury, literally, after the first introductory circle, I purposely miss the point of braking by pressing the pedal later than light foot Turbo S. Yes, there is also a delightful weight transfer as the rear-engined Porsche when the handbrake applied on the hood as if an invisible hand presses. And yet the front wheels GTS very strong hold on the asphalt.

Before, when Porsche rolled out onto the track his entire model line, the first into the pits was back in the Cayenne and Panamera – surrendered brakes. But the Panamera GTS can hold back long. Even the regular brakes out impressive: the diameter of the front brake discs increased to 390 mm, rear 365 mm., However temporarily, my GTS is the optional composite ceramic, and it drives 420 mm 410 mm front and rear. And the front calipers have as many as ten pistons instead of the base six; it seems that after pressing on the brake pedal Panamera GTS claws.

Panamera GTS though not the fastest in acceleration to hundred, but has driverskit chassis model in the lineup. The handling is spectacular!

I release the pedal almost at the apex, and the instructor on the 911 Turbo S: despite turning the front wheels, the food is not trying to go straight. And it is not torn in the side, even if slightly will move with the gas. The rear wheels seem to honestly turn on their 2.8 degrees, and the front axle “pulls” the car in the right direction.

On running the arc, I also do not lag far behind the Turbo S. the Speed is that moving back for the Alcantara seats, in principle, not slippery. The Panamera itself starts to lean, but the tires don’t even squeak over the trajectory of the machine is kept fantastically hard. Slowly passing the last cooling circle, I was thinking, how difficult was it to tuck it all into the image of a city car for every day, to hide the explosive nature behind the mask of a bored submission. But Porsche seems to have happened.


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