Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid: the Most powerful in history

At this the Queen’s unusually long name: Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. Yes and in essence it unusual. Hybrid, became the most powerful and fastest in the line? Panamera, the dynamics of which is comparable with the Porsche 911 Turbo last generation, and passport fuel consumption makes you think about smart? Somewhere there should be a footnote. Asterisk-saving of cognitive dissonance right here and now. And it is. It is a battery.

Battery this Panamera is much more capacious than its predecessor: 14,1 kW/h is 9.6 kW/h one, according to the performance characteristics, enough for 25 to 50 km on pure electric mode and a maximum speed of 140 km/h And it allows the manufacturer to specify the same 2.9 l/100 km in the column “fuel consumption”. Of course, if fully charged before driving, and from the external network. You can replenish the charge and right while driving in mode E-Charge. But in this case, the jumped up looking at the tachometer needle, you know, make a fool of himself. There is no saving, only ecology: E-Charge is necessary, if the front waiting area, which is necessary (or desirable) to pass emission. Or zero emission, as they say in developed countries. Only there, perhaps, E-Charge makes sense. Realizing this, the manufacturer has made it not a major, but optional, available only through the Central display. Along with E-Hold, the way in which the battery is not replenished, but is protected from loss. But the mode is E-Power and Hybrid Auto available directly from the switch on the steering wheel, along with the usual other Porsche models modes Sport and Sport Plus. But we begin, of course, from the very first. Really want to turn Panamera in the cart and find out what happens.

Wayward e-power

Turn off the switch on the steering wheel to position E, make sure that the letter turned red, and take your foot off the brake pedal. In complete silence the Panamera moves off and gathers speed – you can only hear the rustle of tires on asphalt, and then, if you listen very carefully. However, the tachometer needle resting at zero just before the first traffic light. My start relying “Queen” excitement and… you see the arrow jumps up! This means, start the petrol engine. Strange, but as promised 25-50 miles on electric? The battery is full – so here they are, light green, green dash charge on the dashboard, everything is in stock. And a power reserve of 50 km is specified…

On Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid nice it is to drive in electric mode along the perfectly clean German fields. And then you begin to understand the environmental mistakes of the Europeans.

It seems that much excitement. To drive in electric mode is enough to light the letter “E”, you also need to temper their own enthusiasm. Electronic gas pedal hinted at it, slightly increasing the resistance to press the foot about half its travel, but I did not listen. Well, like the Panamera and obediently lowers the tachometer needle to zero.

Do not think that to go to E-Power should be only in the “vegetable” mode. The electric motor itself develops a torque of 400 Nm, and with 100 (one hundred!) rpm, which is enough to keep up with the pace of traffic flow. But it is obvious that the electric mode is easiest to observe when moving with uniform speed on a country road. Those who live in the suburbs, the battery should be quite enough for the trip to work. And even if before the office of the Panamera will start the engine, the average fuel consumption will still be funny.

The fastest Panamera knows how to take the corners thanks to four-wheel drive and differential with electronic locking.

And we just rolled on the freeway. Gradually increase the speed of 120, 130, 140 km/h. Arrow sleeps, the fuel is not consumed. 15 miles we swept the “on battery”, still have more than half charge. I repeat: in the mode of the electric vehicle do you drive, if you do not require the car to full value. And if you require, you can quickly verify that the motor here is not only E-Power, but boost, you have boost.

Mind-blowing e-boost

The eponymous movement mode in the side menu there is the algorithm of interaction between a petrol and electric motor. Electronic brains Panamera boost uploaded almost straight from the Porsche 918 Spyder. Thanks to poor people who almost instantly bought the entire limited edition hybrid sports car that they paid for the development and haulage technology “elektronabava”. Thanks to her 100-kilowatt motor, connected with a gasoline engine through an Electromechanical clutch (its predecessor, by the way, this site was electro-hydraulic), considerably helps the gasoline to disperse Panamera. His help is so palpable, and it do not want to lose that in Sport Plus mode “elektronabava” specially reserved part of the battery. To this music was, if not eternal, that is as long as possible.

Instrument panel – high-tech in a solid leather cover. The ergonomics of the Porsche engineers still knew the best.

Although by itself, the petrol engine is very cool: V8 power 550 HP with a direct injection system of fuel. Two turbines are located between the rows of cylinders for the sake of reducing the length of the collectors and, consequently, increasing the rate of reaction on the accelerator. There is a circulation lubrication system that prevents oil starvation of the engine even under severe lateral loads in General, though, is now on track. Him hint, and the total output of the two engines, reaching up to 680 HP and 850 Nm. However, the life of the brake pads on the race ring is unlikely to be long: curb weight top Panamera reaches 2.3 tons.

Able to turn

However, I can’t say that the car constantly reminds the driver about his own weight. There it is that under heavy braking, and a bit in the turns. And that you need to be a real Princess to feel that “pea”. After all, Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is equipped with a very advanced AWD system, able to divide the thrust not only between the front and rear axle, but also between the left and right wheel of the last. The PTV Plus system uses an electronic differential lock and can considerably reduce the turning radius Panamera.

Nothing is seen except for the beautiful cover. But the numbers boggle the imagination: the total output of both motors is 680 HP, torque of 850 NmTachometer in the center is the only analog instrument on the dashboard. On the sides – seven-inch screensRear – seat just for two. Despite the almost sport profile seats, the backrest can be adjusted. And not manually, and the consoleActually switch modes on the steering wheel – part of the optional Sport Chrono package. But for the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is a basicLet the green color of the calipers is not misleading: front 10 (!) pistons back – four. Despite its mass, is able to brake Panamera

And when accelerating in a straight line the car with the enthusiasm of a sports car beloved will leave their passengers in the seats – no wonder even on the second row they are personal – the third passenger has not planted. As in the 911 Turbo, before to drown the gas pedal to the floor, you should make sure the head pressed against the headrest. Otherwise, the first catches the second, that the degree of impact fairly reminiscent of the hand of the father, indifferent to school “successes” of the son.

Suspension Panamera combines electronically adjustable dampers and three-compartment gas strut. With all this comfort is obtained with a sporty emphasis, like the suspension with forged aluminum arms and a hollow rotary Cams of the same metal. The lower wishbones of the front suspension, however, received a hydraulic support. But even in comfort mode the suspension of the Porsche Panamera allows the driver and passengers fully feel the profile of the road, so pit is better to go around, and not take the course.

As for fuel consumption, the Hybrid Auto on-Board computer showed me 6.3 liters per hundred. And in Sport Plus, in which the engine does not turn off at all, average consumption has reached to 10-12 liters per hundred. But this is the joy that not a sin and pay.

We thank the company “Vinner” for assistance in organizing a test drive.


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