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Pregnant avtoledi defeated Park in the West of Moscow

At least five cars suffered in the yard of a house down the street Barvikhinskaya the attack of a pregnant woman behind the wheel of the Infiniti crossover. Smashing the neighbor’s car she began after a quarrel with the former spouse.

Pregnant women due to natural hormonal changes sometimes do not behave quite adequately, so better than them in this crucial period of life once again not to anger, and then all of this will only get worse. A good example is the incident that happened yesterday in the West of Moscow: after a quarrel with her ex-husband in the position of the lady ran out of the house, sat in a crossover Infiniti and began to crash it into parked cars. Online you can find the video of this incident, but since it has profanity (the witnesses swore), we may publish it on our website.

The police arrived at the scene of an accident quickly and pulled the upset lady from Infiniti, during this process, she shouted: “Take me to jail.” Also on the scene arrived the ambulance, ready to give the woman the necessary medical and psychological help, but the participation of physicians in its drama refused. Now the lady, obviously, will have to answer in court for damaging someone else’s property — it would be better dish at home beat, honestly…

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