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Protected Lada — lock tachometer

Installers of electronic systems know that the simpler the car, the harder it is to protect it from theft. No electronics under the hood “empty” — block is nothing But a good master wriggle out of any situation.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

Lada models 2101 and 2103 were cut, in General, one recipe. But “three” was a much more prestigious, and cost almost half as much. Interestingly, its design was one element that allowed you to protect it from theft by the way, is not available for owners of “cents”. Experienced installers means against stealing those years successfully used it.

In practice it is so. Suppose a thief opens the hood and tries to start the motor directly, bypassing all kinds of locking. But not a single extraneous element is not there — no wires, no switches. And let the motor though: the starter is spinning but not a single flash in the cylinders when it is not!

And the solution was primitive. Models 2103 (and later on 2106) appeared tachometer, receiving a signal of rotational speed on the standard wire, is connected to the ignition coil. It was enough in the cabin to install a hidden switch any relay, toggle switch, or a detachable pad that would connect with arming to the specified wire using a diode with a “plus” of the battery output power supply (anode — wire cathode — on the “plus”), as the ignition immediately stopped working: the diode is quenched by the EMF (electromotive force) of self-inductance, and high voltage on the secondary winding is lost. No testers did not help: under the hood is all chains regularly prozvanivatsya, and not a single trace of interference in the normal design when it was not! Did not help either prepared in advance “spiders” that are connected to the motor directly, no replacement of the distributor. Simple and effective.

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  • How varied anti-theft system — from initial to advanced contemporary, the author described in this publication.

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