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Protesting truckers recorded in the foreign agents

We are talking about the “Association of carriers of Russia”. Checking the documentation of public organizations, the Ministry of justice came to the conclusion that it should be included in the registry of NCOs-foreign agents.

Nonprofit organization “Association of carriers of Russia” was created in the fall of 2015, when the struggle against the tolling system “Platon”.

Today on the website of the Ministry of justice had this information:

In accordance with the Federal law “On noncommercial organizations” 01.12.2017 in the register of noncommercial organizations performing functions of a foreign agent included the all-Russian public organization promoting the development of road transport “Association of carriers of Russia”. Compliance organizations featured non-profit organizations performing functions of a foreign agent installed in the course of conducting the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation unscheduled documentary verification.

Today the organization unites representatives of the carriers in 43 regions. Entrepreneurs and ordinary drivers. As stated on the official website of the Association, it was created to coordinate the efforts of hired drivers and entrepreneurs in the transport sector in different regions of the country. Thanks to her efforts, succeeded in reducing the fines in the “Plato” for non-payment; a de facto moratorium on fines until March 1, 2016; “freezing” of tariffs, according to the Government resolution No. 139 of February 27, 2016.

  • We will remind, from November 15, 2015, carriers are obliged to register in the system “Platon”. First rate was assumed to 3.73 rubles. for 1 km, but after the protests had entered a transition rate of 1.53 Euro per 1 km, who in the spring of this year increased to 1.91 rubles. for 1 km.
  • The Ministry of transport are developing a method of providing discounts on the “Plato”. The Department believes that the tariff can be made in the areas of Federal roads where coverage is not compliant.
  • Thanks to the system of charging fees to the Road Fund of Russia collected more than 36.7 billion RUB (on 15 November 2017).

Photo: Dmitry Shipitsin/TASS

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