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Put a plus in karma: help to turn around!

An elderly driver trying to make a turn on one of the narrow streets of Naples. Gradually going to the tube and the crowd.

Not too skillful driver of the little Fiat 500 is trying to turn around on a narrow street and gets out. While he tries to maneuver, the street is filled come the other cars, bikers, religious procession, the police, the situation is getting more absurd and surreal.

In the end the crowd starts a chorus to tell the thumbs, it should move to steer in the right direction, and, on Bravo, he’s doing it!

Seemingly a video about how one little car can cause jams in the city. But rather it was that even in seemingly intractable situations on the road, you can find a reason to communicate and have fun. And all in the end will succeed.

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Photo: YouTube

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