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Putin has tested the limo project “Cortege”

The President was pleased with the car, this was stated by Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

Denis Manturov told “Izvestia”, Vladimir Putin tested a limo from the project “Cortege”, which is still listed as “prototype A”. In addition, the President familiarized with the whole project, studied the achievements and were satisfied. The machine will create to the presidential inauguration, which will take place in 2018. “Prototype B” the President of the show did not.

Mr President is watching the development of the project, what became clear at the annual “Direct line” with the President. Responding to a question, he noted that a country like Russia must itself produce the line of cars, which will be used and the first persons of the state.

  • The first 16 cars of the new line will be in 2017 transferred to the Federal security service of the President to test. At first it was about the 14 cars, but then Denis Manturov said the information about their number. It is planned four types of cars: limousine, sedan, SUV and minivan.
  • While all the information about the secret project comes only from the Minister of industry and trade. In particular, in another interview he mentioned that it is planned and budgeted SUV, “which will give additional benefit to the project.”
  • In the media there have also been several leaks about the project. So, likinskom bus plant was seen sedans that are prepared for painting. The fact that Diaz has a sufficient size bath for application to the body of a large vehicle cataphoresis of the soil.
  • About the history of the car for the first persons of the state in 2014 told the magazine “Behind the wheel” former Director General US Maxim Nagaytsev.

Photo: Anton butsenko/TASS

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