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Rate of drugs in blood of drivers — the state Duma is discussing the idea

Driving ban due to the discovery of the body of the driver drugs has become a serious problem.Alexander Khlynov


I was deprived of the rights for the sage — the real story

The active substance, trapped in the body of the driver by means of the medication should be normalized, it does not lead to the deprivation of rights, according to representatives of “United Russia” made a proposal to the state Duma.

According to the Deputy and co-chair of the human rights center “United Russia” Mikhail Starshinov, which refers to data movement “Blue buckets”, the country has frequent complaints of drivers who were prosecuted for taking drugs, in which composition there are substances that can affect concentration.

“In the body for a long time can remain completely insignificant volumes of medicines, — quotes “Kommersant” the words of the Deputy. — In order to avoid punishment of innocent people, we must focus on the scientific levels of active substances that really have an impact on traffic safety. And fix them normative.”

In fact, the medications do not affect the degree of concentration of the driver behind the wheel, as it is not able to intoxicate humans. Much more dangerous if the driver does not feel well without drugs then he is unable to focus properly. The argument “don’t drive” cannot be taken into account, as life situations are different. In addition, drugs can be excreted from the body for weeks, depending on the overall health of the person.

“This is a problem, it must be solved, — says the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov. When human rights center “United Russia” will develop the amendments we will consider”.

According to specialists, to prescribe the same standards for all active substances is not possible as a lot of them. But it must be done because the situation is absurd.

  • From 1 January 2021 will come into force a new administrative code with the new penalties. To see the changes here.

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