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Recall the old “treshki” BMW — again, the pillow’s fault!

Rosstandart informs of revocation of 1652 cars.Elena Alekseeva


BMW refused to build a plant in Russia unprofitable

On the Russian market withdraw 1652 of the BMW 3-series (E46 series), implemented from January 1998 to December 2000, with VIN-codes. which can be found on the website of Rosstandart in the section “Documents”.

The reason for the withdrawal was the airbag of the driver, equipped with single-stage inflator of the type of day, you may eventually vent.

Owners subject to the recall of cars recommended to contact the nearest authorized dealership to arrange a visit. Employees of service will check on the car the serial number of the inflator airbags of the driver and by results of check will make a decision about its replacement.

Car owners will be notified of the service campaign, but they themselves can determine whether their vehicle is under a review, comparing VIN with the list posted on the website of Rosstandart, using the interactive search or using a special service on the website

All work is absolutely free for owners.

  • Last time in Russia opinion BMW took place in November 2019, on cars changed engines.

Photo: Unsplash

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