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Refinery up for repairs: fuel prices went up

The exchange fuel prices since the end of may was slowly decreased, and now began to rise again, adding about 6% in mid-month.Elena Alekseeva


The most affordable gasoline in Russia — in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district and Moscow

The price increase in the autumn repairs at the refinery was expected and under pressure from the high export prices of gasoline in wholesale can rise another 1.5 thousand rubles per ton, say market analysts. To grow prices began in mid-August: AI-92 has risen in price by 2.4%, to 45.6 thousand rubles per ton, AI-95 — up to 47.6 thousand rubles per ton. The cost of diesel fuel increased by 1%, to 47 thousand rubles per ton, “Kommersant”writes.

Experts believe that the growth associated with a reduction of supply in the market, as in September ahead of the planned repairs of the three major refineries of “Rosneft” (in Samara, Ufa, Angarsk) and at the Omsk oil refinery “Gazprom oil”.

However, the FAS argued that the decline in sales is not critical — “if you compare with last year, while daily values of sales of gasoline on the stock exchange above last year’s by almost 5 thousand tons”.

While stock prices do not have a significant impact on the cost of fuel at the pump, and into the Russian oil Union believe that if prices at the gas station, and rise in the inflation rate, because the oil companies promised to the government.

Even if stock prices rise another 10%, to 50.5 thousand rubles per ton, which will make the sales of gasoline at the pump is unprofitable, the company will not increase the price tags at gas stations for fear of sanctions from the government.

  • Fuel consumption is quite possible to reduce by playing with the tyre pressure, says our author.


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