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Regardie disarmed special communication after a traffic conflict in Vladivostok

Regardie continues a series of checks of the “Main centre of special communication” (GVCs) since the resonance road conflict in Vladivostok.

Recall that in the spring of this year in Vladivostok there was a road conflict between the driver of the Subaru and the staff of the SCS. The driver was going ahead, he thought, is too slow a vehicle communication line, cut it and decided to teach. In the end, he was forced to the side, and two employees of the Department took out a firearm and threatened to kill the driver and the passenger cut in front of their car. Moreover, the local office initially justified their subordinates, claiming that the driver of the car was mistaken for a potential thug who wanted to Rob a valuable shipment, but then fired these employees.

Traffic conflict received wide publicity. This led to the fact that Regardie start checking all the offices of the SCS. In late November, its soldiers have completely disarmed the Moscow branch of the “Main centre for special communications” because of the violations. The seizure of the weapons was an interim measure.

Firearms are issued to employees of SCS in the protection of particularly valuable goods (worth over RUB 3 million), weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances, as well as the transport of money and valuables.

The Moscow node GVCs is a major transit point network communication line, so the center is suggested to seek the services of other organizations that also can provide services of armed guards for the shipments. For Example… “Mail Of Russia”.

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  • By the way, for Regardie UAZ next year will make supermajority.

Photo: Regardie

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