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Reminder for the holidays: treat the consequences of the mark

Miss the new year’s weekend, lounging like a vegetable in front of the TV because every night we have to celebrate? In any case! Remember the simple rules on how to freshen up.

Recently, Ford has stunned the results of the study: up to 40% of Russian drivers regularly get behind the wheel with a hangover. Another 13 percent said they do it after big holidays. And much much more holiday than the New year? The fact that people are more and more likely to suffer from the hangover of the 1st of January, confirmed by statistics, based on the analysis of messages in Twitter. However, it is known and so. Hangover and vodka — like paddle and boat. It’s not a myth.

If you celebrate the New year, the wheel will have to forget at least until January 2. First, you don’t sleep and sleepy state in itself is not conducive to driving. Second, alcohol will not have time to breathe. And the police love to organize a RAID of the 1st of January. The loss of 30 thousand and a driving license for 1.5–2 years — not the best start of the year…

Shot from a film “the diamond arm”, 1968, directed by Leonid Gidicek from the movie “the diamond arm”, 1968, directed by Leonid Gaidai

Sleep, sleep, sleep!

It sleep is the first remedy to combat a hangover, that is, the effects of alcohol intoxication. So after a drink do not rush to rise, sleep as long as possible. If, waking, you feel that the condition is unbearable, don’t suffer, seek medical help. Just do not try to “treat like with like”, as advised by Bulgakov — it is better to remember the proverb: “for the father son beat that drinking, and that hangover”. For some time you really can get better, but this state will pass quickly, and then “cover” even more. But the hangover of moderate severity can be treated and homemade non-alcoholic means.

Take a contrast shower

Shot from a film “the Geographer globe propyl”, 2013, directed by Alexander Veledinskiy from the film “the Geographer globe drunk”, 2013, directed by Alexander Veledinsky

If you can, do not smoke at least until lunch. The strengthen nicotine poisoning. Try rather to cleanse the body. For this day have to regularly drink water (as much as possible). Vomit — well. No — you can induce vomiting yourself. To reduce dehydration and to normalize the acid-alkaline balance, it is necessary to take Regidron or Hydrovit Forte.

Of course, help and brines — people are not lying. But doctors recommend to consume only those in which there is vinegar, not to inflict another blow to an exhausted liver. And to find such a brine is not so easy, as natural kvass, which also recommended against the hangover. These liquids it is better to prepare in advance.

A scene from the movie “Back to the future — 3”, 1990, Director Robert Zemekisa from the movie “Back to the future — 3”, 1990, directed by Robert Zemeckis

What to drink?

The next morning you can cook and hangover cocktail. The mass of the Network of recipes, mostly with alcohol, they are easy to find. But it is not our method. Those who wants to get behind the wheel, better mix orange juice, crushed (with peel) lemon and honey. Or just squeeze half lemon in glass with mineral water.

Someone may recall the “budylivka” from the movie “Back to the future”. In its structure tomato juice and eggs. The first contains fructose and glucose, vitamins E, b, C, pectin and fiber, folic acid, various minerals. In eggs of the same vitamins and minerals, glycine, protein. But the main ingredient “budilovsky” — a very hot pepper. He will strike the weakened body. Better not to experiment. Especially if you have stomach problems.

Frame from the movie “the Big Lebowski”, 1998, Directors Joel and Ethan Minicat from the movie “the Big Lebowski”, 1998, Directors Joel and Ethan Coen

Fermented milk products such as kefir, tan or ayran, helpful, but discreet and for a little while. Milk can reduce pain in the esophagus and stomach. But much to drink its not worth it.

To bind and excrete the poison help activated carbon. Although doctors say that its efficiency in this case is low and it is better to take before bedtime. But in dealing with the hangover all good. One tablet of activated charcoal is for 10 kg of body weight.

Specifically with a hangover is to remedy these complex drugs as zoreks, Alka-Seltzer, Askofen, Codicil-Plus, it’s the Advil, Stalk, Buffalo, my periodic sharpening and other. What better suit you, hard to say. If possible, stock up on a couple of complexes of different brands.

Helps the hangover succinic acid, which is in any pharmacy. You can drink from to 3 tablets.

Shot from a film “the diamond arm”, 1968, directed by Leonid Gidicek from the movie “the diamond arm”, 1968, directed by Leonid Gaidai

What you should eat?

Of course, we need not only to drink, but is, as it were, the body may resist it. Tomatoes and beans help the liver to cope with toxins, eggs to replace the destroyed proteins, and fruits to fill the body with potassium, magnesium, iron. So the ideal hangover Breakfast, you can consider eggs, beans and tomatoes, fruit, jam or honey on toast, tea. If you want coffee drink it weak with milk. From the strong coffee the head will hurt even more.

Shot from a film “Gentlemen of fortune”, 1971, directed by Alexander Serenader from the movie “Gentlemen of fortune”, 1971, directed by Alexander Gray

Between Breakfast and lunch you must walk in the fresh air. First slowly, then harder. You can even try to run, to play in the snow. If the action takes place outside of the city to remove the snow from the tracks, to drank, to chop the wood… Finally, skiing. The main thing is to do it without fanaticism, listening to the body. Not to forget to drink water. The breakdown products of alcohol good sweat out.

During lunch, the obligatory chicken soup. If he felt hungry — Solyanka, shchi, borscht, rassolnik, kharcho, or hash. Fish soup, or ukha. The Network has recipes and a special hangover soups. For example, here.

After lunch, it would be nice again to sleep well, pre-proverif bedroom.

Shot from a film “Features of national hunting”, 1995, directed by Alexander Rogozhkina from the movie “peculiarities of national hunting”, 1995, directed by Alexander Rogozhkin

Bath rules

In the afternoon take a visit to the baths. Don’t listen to “experts” claiming that with a hangover to steam in any case impossible. It is possible and necessary. Bath completely withdraw from the body all the rubbish. The main thing — to protect themselves, not to sit in the steam room before fainting. Great if in the bath or next to a plunge pool where you can dip. Head the first time it is better not to dive — your blood vessels, including the brain, and so are at the limit, they spasm. Don’t hit him again.

If you don’t do anything too bad while idling, it will be easier if you and others treat your condition with a bit of humor. You are not a drinker, and merry drinker. You do not have a hangover, and the hangover. Elegant, French. Will soon pass.

Before you get behind the wheel, get nuts or seeds. They finally interrupted by the smell of acetaldehyde, that is fume. Please make sure in sobriety, test a breathalyzer.

Reminder for the holidays: treat the consequences of the mark

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Reminder for the holidays: treat the consequences of the mark

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