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Renault Duster with a mileage of all his shortcomings

Renault Duster is the liquid mass in the crossover segment! However, buying is easy to run into utrenny instance. SP knows what to look first when inspecting the vending machine.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Duster first generation gathered in Moscow. Restyling came to the us in 2015: with the use of the modified interior and appearance, removed from the legacy range of motor K4M, other engines powered up.

Renault Duster DusterRenault


  • Energy-intensive suspension and a ground clearance of 200 mm is a car for all roads.
  • Reliable and durable engines and transmissions (except automatic).
  • Easy to repair and maintenance, spare parts lot, wide unification with the other models.
  • Well-tailored: spacious interior and trunk, harmonious appearance.

The all-wheel drive version, the spare wheel eats up the useful volume of the trunk. Have monoperiodic machines it is mounted underneath.The all-wheel drive version, the spare wheel eats up the useful volume of the trunk. Have monoperiodic machines it is mounted underneath.


  • Close relationship with Logan manifests itself in many vague and frankly budget decisions.
  • Heating and ventilation is imperfect: in the winter my feet get cold, and some areas of glass it is impossible to “moisten”.
  • The paintwork is of poor quality and quickly accumulates defects, starting with a location exposed to road “peskostruy”.
  • The paucity of equipment in the low trim levels: may not be such mundane things as air conditioning and ESP.


Gasoline engine 1.6 H4M (he HR16DE) 114 HP changed K4M and successfully operates in many models. He has a timing chain, no particular weaknesses were identified. The motor does not like continuous operation at low speed (you can lie down piston rings) and the urban way of life, it is desirable to frequently change the oil.

The old 1.6 K4M (102 HP) suffers small, not fatal wounds. For example, often require replacement of the gasket of the intake pipe and the throttle body. Motor 2.0 (F4R; first, 135 HP, then 143 of force) also a middle-aged, and very tenacious — 350 000 km withstands even without careful maintenance.

The 1.5 K9K turbo diesel engine (90 or 109 HP): questions arise is that the resource of glow plug. In addition, the engine is sensitive to fuel quality and does not like cold. The service technicians recommend changing the oil and filter every 10,000 km.


Mechanics JR5 five-speed manual and 6-speed TL8 — cousin with the same mounting dimensions. Both have modifications for all-wheel drive, both reliable and go long. A list of typical faults is limited to the leaking gaskets.

DP2 four-speed automatic (for the version 4×4 used his variation of DP8) Moody, does not like riding in the mud and snow. In a convenient regimes are able to overcome 200 000 km.

All-wheel drive is implemented with a GKN electromagnetic clutch to drive the rear wheels. In her work there are failures, but massive criticism has been only in the machines of the early parties. It is important to remember that the clutch does not make a full Duster SUV, although part of the cross he will give odds to most crossovers. Transfer case leaking oil seals are a natural for AWD versions.


  • Used Dusters suffer from leaks power steering: flow tubes, sensor amplifier, the cuff of the pump.
  • Often fail the ignition coil due to weak protection from moisture and dirt.
  • Shock absorbers are not long-lived, especially back in versions 4×4. Not particularly front hub bearings and silent blocks, resulting in AWD cars quickly “floats” similarity collapse.
  • Air-conditioner condensate tends to miss the drainage holes, the result is moisture under the Mat, often rot the wiring connectors.

2011 Euro NCAP: 3 stars. Dacia Duster Driver/passenger — 74%, child — 78% pedestrian 28%, security — 29%.

The most popular offer on the secondary: 2.0 4WD mechanics.

OPTIMAL CHOICE: Duster 2.0 4WD mechanics.

FOR the SAME MONEY: Chevrolet Niva, Ford EcoSport, Renault Kaptur, Nissan Terrano, UAZ Patriot.

  • Everything you need to know about buying and selling pre-owned, you will find a thematic collection of publications “the wheel” (available at link).

Photo: Renault

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