Renault Fluence turned buggy

Eelectrocar SM3 Z. E., created in collaboration with Samsung based on the Renault Fluence survived the upgrade, and substantially increased the supply of Autonomous run. It is reported that the battery capacity of the model without increasing its weight increased from 22 to 36 kWh. due to this, the car’s range on a single charge increased from 135 to 213 km (local loop).

The capacity of the power plant remained the same: 70 kW, 95 HP, 226 N•m. According to a report by the Korean office of transport security (KOTSA), the inhabitants of the country in average passing in the day about 40 km, so the battery charge should now suffice for the whole week.

The interior of the electric car, except for the logo of Samsung on the wheel, no different from the saloon Fluence. The interior is equipped with a standard multimedia system R-Link with seven-inch touchscreen and voice control.

Recall that at the moment the Renault Fluence have not – neither electric nor gasoline — after the last change of generations of the sedan became part of the family Megane.

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