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Renault Logan — auditioned for the role of bully

We recently conducted an interesting test with the basic Logan for 600 thousand rubles. It is only in appearance was a bit rustic, but in fact, vacatures fast Moscow Moscow Raceway circuit, gave battle to his brother for the extreme — sports Logan. How many seconds is the usual Renault Logan circle plays sports? Let’s try to guess! The prize the two men, who was the first to call the correct difference, — a tank of gas.

Renault Logan Sport in garish paint under management of Vitaly Larionov kicks off next Saturday, July 15, at 15 hours in the Race of stars “za rulem”. At Moscow Raceway he came to practice. Then he challenged our gambling and the family man in a blue civilian suit.

How many seconds is the usual Renault Logan loses-athlete well done on the lap of the Moscow Raceway circuit? Maybe he, the bully, and not lost at all? Let’s try to guess!

The first two readers, the correct difference in seconds on the circle, will receive from me, Peter Lesser, at Baku full of gasoline!

All technical details can be obtained from either tomorrow, July 11, our videotest two Logan on

Your options difference, in seconds, write today in the comments. Tomorrow we find out who won!


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