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Renault Logan — Renault Logan Sport: in what force, brother?

If you make the easiest of Logan and its sporty brother to run one circle — for example, on the track of Moscow Raceway circuit, what’s the big difference will be in seconds?

Renault Logan — Renault Logan Sport

Yesterday, having published the announcement of the test, two Logan, we asked this question to our readers, promising tank of gas correct in guessing.

Of published below videotest Logan family you will know the exact answer to this question and, of course, the technical details: what is the strength of the two brothers?

By the way, Logan Sport, we will be able to see the 15 July at the start of the Race of stars “za rulem” at the Moscow Raceway circuit. Come and win the prizes from “the wheel” and “atomic Shop”.

So, videotest two of Mine. Is it possible for them to become a star?


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