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Retrain: from January 1 — new designation of Federal highways

1 January 2018 and will complete the transition to the new account number highways. The previous notation will lapse.

Designation of roads in Russia are changing for several years in accordance with the RF Government decree № 928 “On the list of public roads of Federal importance” from 17 November 2010.

Until the end of 2017 the old designations were used along with a new one, but from 1 January, according to the website of Rosavtodor, the previous indexes will lapse, and drivers will have to get used to new letters and numbers. For example, the highway M-18 “Kola” (Saint-Petersburg — Petrozavodsk — Murmansk — Pechenga — border with Norway) and M-20 “Pskov” (Saint-Petersburg — Pskov — Pustoshka — Nevel — border with Belarus) the new year will be designated P-21 and P-23 respectively. A complete list of symbols can be found here.

Why is it done? To organize system of identification numbers of roads. She is now this:

The letter “M” is used for Federal highways, connecting Moscow with the capitals of foreign States and administrative centers of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The letter “R” is used for highways of national and regional significance, connecting the administrative centers of the Russian Federation.

The letter “A” is used for highways by Federal or regional significance, being the entrance to major transportation nodes and special objects or by road from the administrative center of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation that do not have road connection with Moscow to the sea or river ports, airports and railway stations or the boundaries of other States. Also the letter “a” is used to describe roads, connecting roads of Federal significance between them.

  • Recently in Russia began to operate a national standard (PST) authorizing the installation of new traffic signs. Such marks — about three dozen, you will find them here.

Photo: Sergey Kulikov/inter/TASS

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