Return the money, the Yankees!

ToAK according to news Agency Reuters, citing its sources, the lawyers of the PSA require GM compensation in the amount of about 600-800 million USD, since the Americans introduced the French to be confused about the opportunity to bring the Opel/Vauxhall to meet the stringent European environmental standards of a sample of 2021.

By this time the average rate of carbon dioxide emission will be reduced to 95 g/km (130 present), and for every gram of excess every car will be fined 95 euros. In the course of negotiations on the deal it was assumed that “Opel” on average, exceeds the norm by about 3.7 g/100 km.

However, the decline in demand for diesel and higher prices of electric vehicles Opel Ampera-e has almost tripled this figure. As a result, according to the head of the PSA group, Carlos Tavares, the future penalties could threaten the very existence of Alianza and development plan “Opel” requires urgent review and major investments.

Required by the PSA Alliance with General Motors compensation is almost half the amount of the transaction to $ 1.3 billion received by Americans in the sale of Opel.

The head of the Groupe PSA Carlos Tavares and CEO of General Motors Mary Barra at the conclusion of a landmark deal on Opel.

Press Secretary General Motors David Caldwell denied to Reuters, saying he heard nothing about such complaints from the Groupe PSA. It is understandable that publicity in such cases — a more expensive. After all, only rumors about this issue, shares of PSA and GM fell by 3.9% and 2.1%, respectively.


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