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Review by UAZ Pro. 2019

Thought a little pokachevskoe on UAZ Pro. Not long,but far enough. Opinion be managed and it…ALAS.Michealsen the author of the blog

Of course on the Internet is full of demagogues. And this text cannot be called a direct opinion about the car UAZ Pro. But against the history of what happened with the car and probably with the plant UAZ, there bolae number of thoughts and questions why this is happening. Why are WE consumers SO allow yourself to be treated. Against the background of a huge number of on the Internet reviews about the car UAZ Pro, of varying quality and content, not a little experience of driving this model and communicate with the real owners of the UAZ Pro, their reviews have resulted the text. The quality of the machine leaves much to be desired, if the appearance is not bad, from a distance, upon closer consideration there is a large number of errors of the designers in everything. Truck with full canopy version is not convenient for the city. To maneuver in the flow of inconvenient, takes up space, whirling in the courts is a long hard labor and millimeter-pointing maneuvers. The cabin is uncomfortable for the driver, there is little room horrible seat and the eerie quality of materials and fasteners. Riveting literally fall out on the road, everything squeaks and rattles, loose. For passenger is a little better if he was alone in the so-called triple cabin. Or in a double row, but this is a very different price tag, although the materials and Assembly are the same. Also a lot of questions on frame construction, electrical, motor and box. But the problem with these climbs after a period of use, though very short, although some are already at the level of the test drive to notice the contradictions in the work of the engine and transmission, but I this subject will be deferred until a more in-depth study of iron. So amid all these obvious shortcomings, I have formed the question. Why the majority justifies the mess the low price? The car is now worth nearly 800 thousand rubles. This is the most empty configuration, since when the price is a reason to forgive blatant hack and the apparent deception of the buyer using poor materially is not clear. And why most of the “real owners” in the comments arrange srach appeara only “low” price, is incomprehensible to me.

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