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Rides, swims, flies: in Russia created a unique amphibious

The Russian company has built an amphibious vehicle capable of moving on land, air and water. The prototype is equipped with electric propulsion.

While other manufacturers are trying to combine in one vehicle the plane and the car, the Russian NGO “aerospace technology” has created a unique amphibious vehicle that can drive on land, swim and fly.

The company working on several engineering projects that can move both on land and in the air, they are all United by the common name “Begalet”. The project is unique amphibian was named BARTS (Begalet operational intelligence three elements) of Triton.

Triton length of 2.95 meters designed for two passengers. It is equipped with an electric motor and battery pack. The motor drives the screw located behind the seats. On the ground, the Triton can travel to 100 kilometers with a maximum speed of 100 km/h On water the vehicle is operated on the principle of aeropittura, and flies due to the design of the “soft wing” (similar to a powered paraglider). Reserve the water and air is 400 km, the maximum altitude is equal to 4200 meters.

Full specifications of the Triton will be declassified in the framework of MAKS-2017, which will be held from 18 to 23 July. Currently the developers are looking for customers who might appreciate that amphibian. In addition, for practical tests the representatives of the NGO “Aviation and space technologies” are going to get the Triton from El’brus to Moscow.

  • The Triton may well be interested in the Fund of perspective researches (FPI). In January of this year he announced a competition to create a compact aircraft with vertical take-off, which would be as simple as a car.
  • Projects involved flying cars and major corporations. So, an aerospace holding Airbus together with Studio Italdesign presented his vision of a flying car with a modular design.

Photo: NGO “aerospace technology”

Rides, swims, flies: in Russia created a unique antibiotic, swims, flies: in Russia created a unique amphibious

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