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Ritmix AVR-994 Radar Combo — DVR and radar detector

In anticipation of the New year we are facing a complex and important decision: what to give loved ones in an era when a great choice, but what to choose? Useful gadget, and will please the motorist, and atprofessional. Great idea! Let’s see what are the options.

DVR — of course, very necessary and important element of autocephaly. Another great gift option, especially for the “fan drive” is a radar detector. How to choose what will be more important after the purchase of two gadgets hit the pocket, and place in the vehicle they will need twice as much. The radar detector videoregistrator Ritmix AVR-994 Radar Combo, ideal as a surprise.

It is based on a powerful chip Ambarella A7 LA50 4-megapixel CMOS-matrix. Thanks top filling device records video in 2K and Full HD +HDR, seriously improving visibility in low light. Ritmix AVR-994 has a function for overwrite protection: vital record will be safe and sound. Also have such a function as a shock sensor.

Except for the wide-angle camera Ritmix AVR-994 Combo Radar hiding radar detector to detect photo – and video cameras tracking different types. The module is a radar detector made in South Korea and is characterized by high reliability and precision work. Database with GPS coordinates of the cameras updated, it is also possible to add the coordinates of the cameras and “ambush” on the road. The device advertises all the types of active traffic detectors used in Russia. Each type of signal it is marked by its own notice, but the developer took care of our convenience: include DEMO mode and carefully studied, some of the radar corresponds to a particular sound.

Today it is one of the most compact combined devices on the market. Despite the fact that the display is small, the image is very sharp and the brightness and quality allow you to use it even in bright sunlight. Another advantage of the model — the location of the main buttons on the sides of the screen. They are pressed with little effort, very comfortable and not pressed accidentally if the device is removed and cleaned during Parking of the vehicle.

Stylish and modern, and most importantly, useful avtogadzhet definitely appeal and surely will serve as Your motorist.

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