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Road to Zero: in the UK ban cars with no reserve the electrics

British authorities by 2040, outlaw cars with stock electric speed less than 80 km.

The government will forbid the sale of cars without the ability to move on electricity within 22 years. Such actions are performed in the framework of the project called Road to Zero (“Road to zero”), which will present in the near future. On it informs edition AutoCar.

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The first step was last year’s statement authorities to ban diesel and petrol cars in the UK. The project is aimed at reducing harmful emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere and its budget amounts to more than 3 billion euros. This was due to the studies that have described the problems of air quality in the UK as a “national emergency in health”.

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While it was not clear which models will be admitted to public roads. While it is known that all existing hybrids like the Toyota Prius or Mini Cooper Countryman ALL4 SE, fall under the ban with 2040. Indeed, at present, rechargeable hybrids can travel up to 48 km.

According to preliminary estimates, 99% of the cars there are in Britain will be prohibited for sale according to the terms Road to Zero. Automakers require the government, before the adoption of such laws to account for investments, infrastructure development and encouraging the development of new technologies, as well as to social boost buyers to purchase environmentally friendly transport.

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Today in England, only 5.2% of all new car sales in the first four months of this year related to electric.

“Car manufacturers will increasingly offer electrified versions of their cars, giving consumers even more choices, but the industry can not dictate the pace of change or levels of consumer demand. Unrealistic goals and confusing messages about bans this will only undermine our efforts to implement this future, confusing consumers and disrupting the new car market and thousands of jobs,” said Mike Hawes, Executive Director of the Soceity Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), speaking on behalf of the automakers.

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