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Rode the BMW on the pavement of the Kremlin? Pay thousands and free!

Moscow police quickly figured out the major, swept the sidewalk on the embankment near the Kremlin walls. Or rather, she doesn’t even have to look for it…

Almost immediately after the video of the Metropolitan traffic police began a search of the driver. The offender, whose name the press-service of the Metropolitan police does not name, was in law enforcement, and confessed to the crime. However, the driver moved into the lead, as the traffic police his identity was established within days after the emergence of the scandalous video in the Network — hiding did not make sense.

In the end, in the first special battalion of traffic police of traffic police of Moscow, he was administrative material under part 2 of article 12.15 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation (“Infringement of rules of location of the vehicle on a carriageway, counter travel or overtaking”). The punishment for this offense — only 2000 rubles. And if he run, you’ll pay only half for this offence applies a 50 percent “discount” in the case of a guilty plea and immediate payment of the fine.

According to unofficial information, the offender’s name is Ilya Savelyev, he was the son of the suburban businessman. Interestingly, the reaction of commentators to the video, which he posted on his Instagram, were diametrically opposed: some praised him and called him “handsome”, while others criticized, and sometimes resorting to profanities.

  • Russian majors are so brazen that abroad behave as in a Network there was video as the girls go through the pedestrian area on the French Riviera.
  • If this Golden youth long since made it a habit to put the video disturbances in the Network.


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